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Salisbury Allotment Association Show

I decided to enter a few classes in my local Allotment Association Show. It’s open to anyone and has the full range of classes you’d expect at a good local show.

I entered Long Carrots (3), Shallots – culinary (6), Runner Beans (5), French Beans (5), Coloured Potatoes (4), Cabbage, Cucumbers (2), any non-root veg (3), any root veg (3), heaviest cabbage and 3 Dahlias, one variety.

By the time I left the hall after staging there looked to be a good standard of exhibits building up.

And the results were Long Carrots 2nd (behind Darren), Shallots 1st, Runner Beans 1st (winning a £5 seeds voucher), French Beans unplaced, Coloured Potatoes 3rd, Cabbage, 1st, Cucumbers unplaced, any non-root veg 2nd with celery, any root veg 3rd with parsnips, behind Darren (again) in the heaviest cabbage and 1st for the Dahlias. Not enough entries to challenge for a cup but I did win one for the Dahlias which was a nice surprise at the presentations as I didn’t realise there was even a cup for that class until it was announced. I was impressed by the standard of the exhibits, certainly a step up from most of the Village Shows I’ve seen.

A couple of the judging decisions were interesting. Not sure I should have won the cabbage as it had taken a bit of a beating from the slugs and didn’t look as good as the second place entry. And I had 3 decent celery (a 20 point veg) which was beaten by 3 garlic (a 15 point veg) – anyway the judges decision is final and it evened itself out in the end.

I was quite surprised with the Runner Beans as I picked them on Tuesday night so they were 4 days old by show time. Just goes to show if you store them right (wrapped in a damp cloth in the bottom of the fridge) they will be OK.

A good day all in all and I’m looking forward to our Village Show next Saturday and then that’s it for another year!!

Here’s some photos (on the long carrots mine are at the top and Darren’s winning set are on the right, on the parnsips mine are on the left and Martin’s winning set are on the right).

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We are now awash with veg which is OK as the girls love eating it.

Although not sure we can eat this much cabbage, this pair weigh in at 11 pounds each!!

Rain, rain and more rain!

What a miserable week, downpour after downpour.  Not much that can be done on the plot in this weather but I’m still harvesting the winter veg, some brussels, cabbage, swede and kale.  Apart from booking next year’s holiday (Brittany) sanctuary can be sought in ordering seeds for next year.  You can get great discounts on seeds if you are a member of your local Horticultural Society or Allotment Association, last year my local society achieved a 50% discount on the catalogue price.  I have plenty of seeds in store and most should be good for next year, but I always need to replenish the stocks and it’s the time of year when you can start planning how the plot will look and reflect on what went well this year and what you will do differently next.  Our society uses Dobies who have a great selection of seeds and plug plants to choose from.  Other good options are Thompson & Morgan, Suttons and Mr Fothergills.  So get cracking and get your order in!