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Shock News – Plot flourishes whilst I’m away!

Just to prove how little value I add with my nurturing of the veg plot in my absence the plot decided to have the best two weeks of the season so far. Thankfully I arrived back just in time to harvest some of the benefits.

The plot was starting to look like a jungle by the time I got back.

It’s the first time I’ve grown Mangetout and they are doing really well.

And the harvest, a couple of large broccoli heads, 3 cauliflowers, a load of broad beans, mangetout, asparagus peas and some garlic. Not bad at all! We were very fortunate to have a friend and neighbour keeping an eye on things although not much watering was needed with the rain we’ve had. And the strawberries and raspberries just keep on coming, definitely the best year for them so far. I should go away more often!!

Another Three Weeks…….

At this time of year it’s amazing how quickly the veg grows. This is how the veg plot looked 3 weeks ago (there’s also a link on that post to how it looked 6 weeks ago) and this is how it looks now!

I’m lucky to be growing in the garden so watering in such a dry Spring hasn’t been a problem. And the brassicas in particular have really shot on over the last few weeks.

The cabbages are looking good, starting to heart up now.

And the calabrese and cauliflowers are packed in and growing well.

No sign of the cauliflower heads yet but if you look closely at the calabrese they are starting to form; the girls will love eating these.

We’ve been eating the Webbs Wonderful lettuce for a while now and in the gaps I’m planting some Tom Thumb to keep the supply going.

And finally a new veg for the Two Chances plot this year – Asparagus Pea – it has a low sprawling growth with pretty crimson flowers, I’ll let you know what they taste like. Hope you all have a great Bank Holiday!

Every Minute of Every Hour “I Love a Sunflower”

In a bid for early flowers I sowed my first sunflower seeds this morning. And it reminded me of a lyric in the late 80s Tears for Fears song ‘Sowing the Seeds of Love’ which seemed appropriate for this time of year as we enter March and a frenzy of sowing activity. That song also included a rant against Margaret Thatcher, ‘politician granny’;by that time the gloss had well and truly come off her leadership with the Poll Tax. We’ve come full circle politically again as we do in gardening every year.

So what’s happening on the Two Chances Veg Plot at the end of February? Well on the plot I’m still harvesting leeks and parsnips with PSB eagerly anticpated. Parsnips were sown in the pipes last week and the overwintered broad beans and onions are coming on well. Tulips are starting to come through in the tubs and in the flower beds there’s crocuses, daffs and more tulips doing their thing and taking advantage of the mild spell we’ve had recently. In the greenhouse the shallots are starting to sprout and I’ve got a loads of brussel sprout seedlings pricked out into small pots.

Daffodils provided a great display last year, although later than usual. This photo was taken on 10th April, I’m hoping for blooms a couple of weeks earlier, in time for our Spring Show.

Indoors the spuds are chitting nicely and the second batch of broad beans is starting to germinate. On various windowsills a tray of lettuce (Webb’s Wonderful) needs pricking out, tomatoes are poking through and the first true leaves are showing the peppers and chillies. The onions look exactly the same as they did last week and I’ve just sown the first batch of sugar snap peas along with cabbage, early and late purple sprouting broccoli and some asparagus peas.

On the ‘to do’ list this weekend is the mix for the long carrots which I need to get into the pipes and sown. More brassicas to be sown – cauliflower and calabrese which can grow on in the greenhouse. So that’s it you’re up to speed on everything going on!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Snow & Christmas Bargains

We finally got our turn down here in South Wiltshire with 6 inches of snow on Thursday. Not as much as most areas but the first time I’ve seen snow this early in the 25 years I’ve lived here.

I’ve been reading with interest some of your snow posts like the ones from Jo and Sue who have had a lot more of the stuff!

With the garden locked in the freezer for a few days I turned my attention to Christmas bargains. Rach picked up a couple of codes off the Internet for Thompson & Morgan £10 vouchers with no minimum spend so just had to pay P&P.

With one of the offers I ordered some raspberry canes, 9 canes of 3 varieties, Glen Moy, Glen Ample and Autumn Bliss. With the second offer I turned my attention to seeds, well with 50-odd varieties in store and a Dobies order on the way I thought I was a bit light on seeds! So I bought:

Nicotania sylvestris – looks pretty and hopefully the strong smell will ward off the cabbage whites.
Asparagus Pea – the flowers should attract beneficial insects to the plot and we can eat the crop.
Alyssum Golden Queen – planted around the plot edge it should attract more insects in meaning heavier crops.
And herbs summer savoury and chervil.

I think 2011 is going to be a busy year! Hope you’re having a good weekend.