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Pre-Show Checks

Well the countdown to the village show run by my local Horticultural Society has well and truly begun. It’s 6 days away so I’m going around the garden checking on progress and seeing what I think will be ready for the big day. For last years write-up click here.

The main classes are Master Gardener and Society Top Tray.

Master Gardener (display space 24″ x 24″) – One vase of flowers and 3 vegetables from the list. One from Sweet Peas – 9 of any variety, Gladioli – 2 of any variety, Dahlias – 3 of any variety, or Perrenials – 9 of any variety. And 3 from Runner Beans – 6, Cabbages – 2, Cauliflower – 1, Carrots – 3, Onions – 3, Peas – 6 (pods), Potatoes – 6 (one variety), Tomatoes – 6.

I didn’t enter this class last year as I wasn’t growing any flowers, it’s most likely going to be glads or dahlias with runners, carrots and potatoes I think. Or I don’t enter again this year and pool my best veg in the other classes. Decisions, decisions…..

Society Top Tray (display space 18″ x 24″) – 3 vegetables from the list:- Carrots – 3, Onions – 3, Parnsips – 3, Peas – 6 pods, Potatoes – 3 one variety, Runner Beans – 6, Tomatoes – 6. I’ll probably be relying on parsnips, runners and spuds for this one, possibly carrots if I have enough decent ones.

The Dahlia bed is looking good. I should be able to enter some of these into the show. The varieties I’m growing are Shooting Star, My Love, Firebird, Hayley Jane, Kennermaland, Vancouver, Black Cat, Le Baron and Pompon Flow Mix (various small ball types). In containers I have Bristol Stripe, Babylon Bronze, Atika, Kenora, Purple Gem and Kelvin Floodlight. For more Dahlia posts click here, here and here.

This is Shooting Star.

Hayley Jane.

Le Baron.

Black Cat.

The Gladioli are looking good, should have some ready at the right time.

Courgettes are a tricky class as I need three around 6″ long with flowers.

I need two cucumbers, they have their own class and can go into the salad veg selection.

The squash will go into the any other veg and selection of veg from my garden categories.

Peppers will go into the selection of veg category. Possibly some of the aubergines and chillies too.

The pumpkins are doing well. I’ve grown a couple of plants from the seeds Maureen sent me, the variety is Rouge Vif d’etamps.

And Chloe and I were in the garden harvesting the plum tree which produces hundreds of these tiny plums. Chloe loves them!

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Domestic Goddess

Well not me obviously but Rach has been going mad in the kitchen ahead of the Summer Show next Saturday. So far I have sampled, and given verdict on, Carrot Cake (all gone), Malt Loaf, Lemon Curd, Plum and Strawberry jam. All very good and I can’t wait to try batch 2 of the cakes after the show. Still to come are sponge fruit flan, mince pies, cornish pasties and home made fudge. Oh and the pile of chutney we made last summer. This tasting job is hard work!

Garden envy

I’ve mentioned before that I’m an office jockey by day and am currently going through some management training with an outside company of occupational psychologists. So from time-to-time I have a one-on-one session where we talk about all sorts of stuff relating to home and work life and how I can change my approach in certain situations to get better results. I don’t get to lie on a couch though which I was most disappointed about!

For those of you interested in this stuff on the Myers Briggs scale my personality type is an ‘EFSJ’ which means that I am well suited to the job I do, that’s a relief! As part of my homework I’m putting together a ‘vision’ of where I want to be in 20 years time. Writing a list of things you want is a good start and writing things down always means you’re more likely to achieve them than if they are just in your head. But it’s pictures that work best in the subliminal world of the brain so a large piece of paper full of pictures of ‘what I want in life’ should help me get there…….apparently. Heh I’ll give anything a go, so I’ve started to think of the first picture of my ‘vision’. And guess what popped into my head, yes a garden but not any old garden, no the garden featured heavily in Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jamie at Home’ series.

Now I don’t know about you but when Jamie Oliver first came on the scene I thought he was a bit of a prat. But I’ve grown to like him over the years. Once famous he could have easily trotted out fairly bland cookery programmes but he’s done something different with the likes of fifteen and school dinners. And I would love to have the walled kitchen garden so if I include a picture of that in my ‘vision’ it’ll help me get there (slight concern that I’ll need a lottery win to buy a place like that but I’ll ignore that for now!!).

Anyway, back in the real world, here’s a photo from my, slightly smaller and less well tended, garden. The daffs are now in full bloom and the tulips are not far behind. The grass needs mowing though, that’s one job I’m not a big fan of. The plum tree is full of white blossom, late summer we will be inundated with 100s of small plums which makes great jam.

On the plot the long carrots and parsnips have started to germinate. The broad beans I’d sowed direct have started to come up and the greenhouse reared plants are looking quite healthy about 6″ high so that should give a succession of pods. Still waiting for the PSB though, I think I’ll be waiting for ever, I’ll need to pull them up soon as my beans are going in that spot.

The weather’s looking good for the rest of the week and the weekend so I will finally get some digging done and get those spuds in, can’t wait!