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Seed & Plant Orders

Now is the best time to order your seeds, plants and sundry items for the coming growing season.  I try to take advantage of whatever discounts are on offer and it’s worth checking what seed company your local gardening club / Horticultural Society is affiliated to as they tend to receive large discounts.

For example my local village club is linked to Dobies and with our online code I received just over 50% off my seed order (also 10% off plants/sundries) which is a great saving.  I’m also a member of the National Vegetable Society which is linked to Marshalls who offer a straight 10% off orders over £30.

I had plenty of seeds left over from last season which are still viable so only needed to stock up on a few such as leeks and squash.  I’ve bought some strawberry plants and a few extra raspberry canes – Marshalls added 5 free strawberry plants as I had just over £20 of soft fruit and with a few sundry items I received the 10% discount for an over £30 spend.  I know these offers are there to tempt you in but if you were going to buy the items anyway it’s worth shopping around.

One final recommendation at this time of year is to visit a local potato day if you can.  They are a great place to buy cheap seed potatoes – all of which can be bought as singles or in packs so you can try out different varieties very cheaply.  Plus they have lots of veg growing related stalls – my local Potato Day is the Hampshire one based at Whitchurch, well worth a visit.

Happy gardening!



Seed Sort Out & Free Giveaway

I had a long overdue sort out of my seed packets this evening and, as always, there’s far too many – will I ever learn?

Then I thought why not give a few away? So if you want to have this “summer salad” collection (5 packets – all are sow 2013/4 bar the Radish which should be OK but a little old) – Wild Rocket, Mixed Lettuce, Golden Sunrise Tomatoes, Radish Rudi and Telegraph Improved Cucumbers – just leave a comment on this post. I’ll contact the first person to say “YES” and get your address and post them to you. Simple as that!

Seed Giveaway

And for the record here’s what’s left:

Aubergine F1 Bonica
Beetroot Burpee’s Golden
Beetroot Pablo
Broad Bean Longfellow
Broccoli (Autumn) Beaumont F1
Broccoli Purple Sprouting Late Purple Sprouting
Broccoli Purple Sprouting Sprouting Redhead
Brussel Sprouts Bedford
Brussel Sprouts F1 Cumulus
Cabbage (Spring) Pixie
Cabbage (Summer) Ramco
Calabrese Aquiles F1
Carrot Autumn King 2
Carrot Sweet Candle
Cauliflower Cornell
Cauliflower Romanesco F1 Celio
Celeriac Brilliant
Chilli Pepper F1 Joe’s Long
Courgette F1 Orelia
Courgette Soleil F1 Hybrid
Cress American / Land
Cress Curled
Cucumber Carmen F1
French Bean Climbing Barlotta Lingua di Fuoco
French Bean Climbing Cobra
French Bean Climbing Sultana
French Bean Dwarf Pencil Pod Black Wax
French Bean Dwarf Prince
French Bean Dwarf Sprite
French Bean Dwarf Ferrari
Garlic Solent Wight
Kale Scarlet
Leek Toledo
Lettuce Artic King
Lettuce Little Gem
Lettuce Salad Bowl
Lettuce Tom Thumb
Lettuce Webbs Wonderful
Lettuce Winter Density
Marrow Table Dainty
Onion (Sets) Stuggart Giant
Onion Spring White Lisbon
Parsnips Pinnacle
Pea Oregon Sugar Pod
Pea Show Perfection
Potatoes Amour
Potatoes Charlotte
Potatoes Kestrel
Potatoes Red Emmalie
Potatoes Winston
Pumpkin Rouge Vif D’Etamps
Radish Albena
Radish Rudi
Rocket Runway
Rocket Va Va Voom
Runner Bean Stenner
Shallots Hative de Niort
Squash Butternut Autumn Crown F1
Squash Butternut Butterbush F1
Squash Butternut Hunter F1
Squash Winter Sweet Dumpling
Swede Invitation
Sweet Pepper Etiuda
Sweetcorn F1 Earlibird
Sweetcorn F1 Sweetie Pie
Tomato Tumbling Tom Red
Tomato Sungold F1

The 2013 list!!! 35 different types of veg and 60-odd varieties, don’t think I’ll get round to them all!

Spring well underway and I’m behind

A walk round the garden on this lovely, mild weekend has brought it home just how far Spring has progressed and I now have the feeling that I’m behind on all the jobs that I’m usually ahead of at this time of year – too far ahead of in some cases like sowing seeds for example.

In previous years the greenhouse would be filling up with various brassicas on the go whilst at the moment there’s just half a dozen trays of broad beans germinating and some shallots – I would have sown these direct in Autumn before. And usually I’d have trays of chillies, peppers, and tomatoes growing on but at the moment there’s just a handful of tomatoes germinated and I’m still waiting for the peppers to poke through.

Yesterday I sowed some more stump carrots (Sweet Candle) and four rows of parsnips (Gladiator & Picador). So I’m on track with the roots it’s just the rest of the veg I need to get a move on with. The only thing I’ve done at the shared plot is plant a couple of hundred onion sets and I haven’t touched my half allotment plot – although on visiting I realised it’s much smaller than a standard council plot (it’s run by a village charity) so I am less worried about catching up there, and it’s still got the previous tenants cabbages and sprouts on so I have an excuse for my tardiness. This is where the asparagus bed will go and the plants haven’t arrived yet; there you go another excuse!

It’s great to see so much colour in the garden already. This was a tiny hellebore plant I put in last year which is doing well. And the daffs are out, even an early tulip or two, but the most colourful thing is the blossom on the cherry plum tree. We often overlook just how beautiful trees can be, not just a green backdrop.

So I’ve got plenty of work to do, the next six weeks is the critical time for every veg grower, lots of sowing and planning for the season ahead!


I sowed the first of the stump carrots today, 14 stations in two old dustbins and 8 stations in a raised bed. I’ll sow some more next weekend. These are for the New Forest show at the last week in July and possibly my local village show three weeks later. The variety is Sweet Candle and I’m hoping to get a decent set out of them.

Certainly won’t win any prizes for symmetry but they should produce some nice carrots in five months time. And with a fleece over the top they will be cozy enough if we get a frost.

I’ve had the patience of a saint so far this year with no indoor seeds sowed until yesterday when I sowed 25 sweet peppers (Californian Wonder) and 15 tomatoes (Marmande, Gardener’s Delight and Moneymaker). And 140 broad beans are in the greenhouse which will be planted out at the shared plot in a few weeks. I’ll follow these with some chillies, aubergines and various brassicas over the weekend.

Have you started sowing in earnest yet??


OK confession time, I am an addict. It wasn’t until I decided to have a good sort out that I realised I have around 180 packets of seeds plus 3 cash bags full of broad and runner bean seeds. I’m not quite sure how this happened but I obviously have a compulsion for buying seeds, hoarding them and giving a home to any poor stray packet that may come my way.

I don’t discriminate, every type of veg and a whole host of seed companies are represented. And whilst the Two Chances Empire is expanding I don’t own acres of land so not quite sure were all this is going. If I can get over the cold turkey our local Project Uganda charity will be getting a donation at the end of the season!

A busy day today with around 200 onion sets planted at the shared plot, brussels and parnsips harvested for Sunday lunch. The long carrots pipes will be filled tomorrow then it’s onto the main business of sowing to reduce the seed packet mountain! Hope you’re all having a good weekend.

More seeds……

After a chat with my friend I share a plot with in the next village I’ve come away with some more seeds. I think between us we could cultivate half of Wiltshire! So I’m consolidating our collections and planning what to grow. And there’s a few varieties I’ve not heard of:

Radish – Rudi, Sparkler 3
Cucumber – Stimora Mix F1, Marketmore, Paska F1
Courgette – Patriot F1
Lettuce – All the Year Round
Radicchio – Palla Rossa
Cabbage – Derby Day, Winnigstadt, Drago F1, Durham Early
Cauliflower – Goodman
Beetroot – Golden Detroit, Cylindra
Carrot – Merida F1, Autumn King 2
Leaf Beet – Canary Chard

If you’ve grown any of these varieties I’d be interested to hear what you thought of them.


I like lists. And here’s the veg seeds I currently have in stock (or will have in the next month). As there’s 43 types of veg and over 100 varieties I’m not saying I’ll grow all of them this year but I’ll give it a go!

Is there anything that would be on your list year on year without fail?

Asparagus Pea
Aubergine Bonica F1
Beetroot Boltardy
Beetroot Burpee’s Golden
Beetroot Pablo
Broad Beans Bunyon’s Exhibition
Brocolli Early Purple Sprouting
Brocolli Late Purple Sprouting
Brocolli Early White Sprouting
Brocolli Sprouting Redhead
Brokali Apollo
Brussel Sprout Bedford
Cabbage Golden Acre Primo
Cabbage Pixie
Cabbage Offenham 2
Cabbage Ramco
Calabrese Aquiles F1
Cauliflower Snowball A
Cauliflower Deakin F1
Cauliflower Cornell
Carrot Royal Chatenay Red
Carrot Nantes Frubund
Carrot Sweet Candle
Carrot Early Nantes
Carrot Early Nantes 2
Carrot Amsterdam Forcing 3
Carrot Amsterdam 3 Sprint
Carrot Early Nantes 5
Carrot (Long) New Red Intermediate
Celeriac Brilliant
Celery Loretta
Chard Swiss Chard Bright Lights
Chilli Pepper Cayenne
Chilli Pepper Jalapeno
Climbing French Bean Sultana
Courgette F1 Orelia
Courgette F1 Defender
Courgette Black Beauty
Cress Curled
Cucumber F1 Carmen
Dwarf French Bean Borlotto Firetongue
Dwarf French Bean Purple Teepee
Dwarf French Bean Pencil Pod Black Wax
Dwarf French Bean Prince
Dwarf French Bean Sprite
Garlic Purple Wight
Herb Summer Savoury
Herb Chives
Herb Parsley
Herb Oregano
Herb Coriander
Herb Chervil
Herb Rosemary
Herb Dill
Herb Basil
Herb Thyme
Jerusalem Artichoke Unknown
Kale Dwarf Green Curled
Kale Scarlet
Leek Porvite
Leek Lyon 2 Prizetaker
Lettuce Artic King
Lettuce Little Gem
Lettuce Lollo Rosso
Lettuce Webb’s Wonderful
Lettuce Tom Thumb
Lettuce Winter Density
Mangetout Oregon Sugar Pod
Okra Clemson’s Spineless
Onion Red Baron (red)
Onion Globo
Onion Toughball
Onion (set) Radar
Onion (set) Electric (red)
Onion (set) Troy F1
Onion (set) Hercules F1
Onion (set) Centurion F1
Parsnip F1 Picador
Parsnip Exhibition
Parsnip Gladiator
Potatoes Charlotte
Potatoes Pink Fir Apple
Potatoes NVS Amour
Potatoes Salad Blue
Potatoes Nadine
Potatoes Kestrel
Potatoes Blue Belle
Pumpkin Rouge Vif d’Etanps
Radish French Breakfast 3
Radish Albena
Red Orache
Rocket Va-Va Voom
Rocket Runway
Rocket Wild Rocket
Runner Bean Moonlight
Runner Bean Stenner
Savoy Cabbage January King 3
Shallot Hative di Niort
Shallot Jermor
Spring Onion White Lisbon
Spring Onion Paris Silverskin
Swede Invitation
Sweetcorn Lark F1 Hybrid
Tomatillo Purple de Milpa
Tomato Gardener’s Delight
Tomato Tumbling Tom Red
Tomato Golden Peardrop
Tomato Marmande
Tomato F1 Incas
Tomato Moneymaker